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Our essential services electrical team live & breathe compliance

Nobody can afford a breakdown in their building’s essential services. Your compliance and safety is an absolute priority, for both you and us. Reducing your properties risk, our essential services electrical team give you peace of mind. We proactively manage your ESM to make sure you meet all your statutory requirements.

Our flexible approach means we fit in with your business, working outside normal business hours if necessary, to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.
Essential Services Options
Exit and emergency lighting

If your power were to fail, your exit and emergency lighting must, by law, be tested every six months and work for at least 90 minutes. We proactively manage the scheduling of your tests, so it’s one less thing you need to remember or worry about.

RCD testing

RCD testing or safety switch testing is a mandatory test that’s required every 12 months. Protecting people from the dangerous consequences of electrical faults, our essential services electrical team makes sure your RCD/safety switches are fully functional.

Lightning Protection System Testing

We test your lightning protection system annually to make sure it’s fully functional. This gives you the confidence that your building’s occupants and equipment are safe from lightning strikes. Our tests include a visual inspection and continuity testing.

Test & Tag

Keeping your business compliant, our essential services electrical team are specially trained to test and maintain your portable electrical equipment. Providing a regular test and tag schedule, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your appliances.

Infrared Testing

As part of our preventative maintenance, we take thermographic images of your switchboards and circuit breakers to measure any hot spots. If undetected, these could potentially lead to fires. Not only a wise safety procedure, it can also help reduce your insurance premiums.

Air Circuit Breaker Testing

Air circuit breakers protect your electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current. We test your air circuit breakers regularly to help you avoid your power tripping unnecessarily or worse, failing to trip when there’s an overcurrent or short-circuit.

Smoke Detectors

Giving you peace of mind, we install and maintain the smoke detectors across all your properties. Testing them and replacing batteries every 12 months, you can rest easy knowing your smoke detectors are compliant and you’re meeting your legal requirements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keeping you in the loop, we provide you with a regular report, outlining any defects and repairs that are required for you to stay compliant. We also maintain all your ESM documentation, so it’s there when you need it.

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Need an emergency electrician in Melbourne?

When it comes to electrical faults, unexpected breakdowns and power outages, you need a rapid response, emergency electrician.
Always on standby, we can often talk through your electrical issue and find a solution over the phone. In fact, we resolve more than 50% of our after-hours calls without attending site. This results in a big cost-saving for you.

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If you have an electrical emergency, please call us directly on 1800 875 324.

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